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Museum + Library + School for International Center of Photography (ICP), China Town, New York

Concept - Revolves around the overwhelming nature of Noise and Nostalgia. When the visitor enters ICP he/she encounters a high flux of Noise. But it filters down as and when the visitor progresses through the architecture. The architecture is created in a way that all three programs are always in dialogue with each other. This happens due to the operational techniques at play, slice, split, interlock, overlap, and shift.

Thesis Statement 

Jack of hearts, bullet, sudden Split,
Burnt by a candle flame,
Noise and Noise, sense of distress and guilt,
Spaces filled, volumes Interlocked,
Feeling overwhelmed,
But how do you stop?
The Viewer takes upon a journey,
Journey of Shifting and Slicing,
Overlooking and Overlapping,
Moments of awe,
Distilled by the solve of the Jigsaw.
Everywhere you look,
Transitions and Curations get you on the hook.
Digital screens and Digital imprints,
Glass pane windows with absurd tints,
Did New York get caught up in building Scape?
The armature of the city put together in form and shape
Shadows cast by the Monolithic Volumetric drape.
Chasing you through another city Scape,
Towards the whispers,
Whispers of Crits and Reviews,
Trying to hold on to these little clues,
Trying to understand this monster,
Who forced you to Experience space?
Now you can’t leave you might rather embrace,
You run, you run filled with Noise,
Now you are part of it,

This Noise, Noise, and Noise.

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