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Overlay and Layering of volumes in contextual relationship to the site in which programs are divided by Shear Force (splitting, cracking) of the inhabitant's movements and choices. Dynamic spatial movements are created by creating big and massive volumes. Series of these volumes and platforms from South to North hurling the inhabitant through space. The programs are laid out in a way that the Rowers and the Community can occupy the building at the same time without interfering with each other.


The public & private elements are established by jutting out volumes and sectional shifts inside the building. The programs defined for Rowers give them view into the Community space but the programs defined for the community restrict the view into the Rower's space providing the Rowers with the necessary privacy they require for training.


The movement of the space helps invite the visitor into the building and gives them the means necessary to enjoy the view and experience of the Rowing and the local community of the neighborhood.

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