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Fluid Rhapsody

Residential Extension, Bangalore

600 sqft


The brief from the client demanded a highly functional study space with an option to sink into ease during long working periods and an open hangout/meeting space attached to it. The client loves bold and immaculate objects and wanted the space to speak her language whilst the tree in the center of this space spoke a softer and more subtle language. Therefore, during the early stages of design, the softness of curves and the boldness of Art Deco felt right to mix. The study space was directed to almost feel like the centre of the stage and the courtyard space as a play area looking outward from it.

Fluid Rhapsody is an augmentation of a residential abode in the heart of cultural Bangalore. This project explores the kinetics and subtlety of architecture and at the same time also attempts to treat spatial context as poetry. Textures and patterns become the rhythm of the space while geometrical accents and metal details become the cutting words to draw the user's attention in an attempt to make the space more cohesive.

Curves, profound arches, tan colours, metal accents, and decadent details make refuge in the study. Working becomes unsullied when surrounded by this palette that is quick to catch the eye and yet adds a touch of ease to the space. Baywindow seating adds the function to rest during long working days or to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon pairing up with a cup of coffee.

The Courtyard is a collaborative hangout spot planned around creating memorable interactions. These interactions happen around distinct seating elements spread spatially, designed with the intent to have sculptural qualities, which get amplified by the skylights on the top. The flamboyant personality of the client was brought into the space by adding a collection of quirky and unique objects procured from different parts of the world. In contrast, the conical skylights and the tree retained to make the user feel grounded and part of a vivid biosphere, a perfect balance of starkness and softness.

Photo Credits: 1plus1studio

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