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Hospitality Village  

Washington DC, USA

Area: 15000 SQFT


The Hospitality Village, a curatorial space for experiencing new ways of tackling food, service & education in the existing industry. A platform-centric towards the upliftment of the community - interacting and indulging in the space.


  • Restaurant (flexible space) - Staff, Private, Public​

  • Bar/Lounge

  • Coffee House / Cheese / Wine / Chocolate / Bread / Meat

  • Audio / Visual Room (Podcast/Video Recording space)

  • Coffee Training Room

  • Event Space

  • Library

  • Production Kitchens (2)

  • Classroom


  • To create an environment of learning.

  • To create an experience center that indulges visitors and audiences in bespoke hospitality with an underlying feeling of sublime, intimacy & luxury.

  • To push an empathy-driven model that caters to each and every individual and respects their individual creative drive.


  • A Model which caters to every aspect of hospitality - doesn’t exist.

  • A model that lets hospitality entrepreneurs experiment, do a dry run of their upcoming restaurant, test different dishes, teach their servers doesn’t exist.

  • A model which indulges the visitor in bespoke coffee, drinks, chocolate, cheese, restaurant, and events doesn’t exist.

  • A model which is an educational platform for servers (from coffee training rooms, kitchen island classrooms, wine tasting, etc and also gets transformed into a self-learning space) which they can test out in realtime and also learn how to feel like the guest in station 10 (staff serving restaurant) doesn’t exist.

  • Space which teaches hospitality professionals about the circular economy (important to give back) doesn’t exist.



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