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Office Interiors, Roxtec India PVT. LTD., Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, India

Area: 3500 SQFT


Client's vision - to have a spatial arrangement that balances between traditional office space and an open office concept.


Taking the desired vision, the design pushes the boundaries with custom-made furniture, light fixtures, open ducting system and triangulated patches of highlight colors - blue and orange. These elements in cohesion make the project unique to the site & client's requirements. The progression through space gives the visitor a sense of collaboration in making. The openness makes the working environment seem transparent and lively. The triangular furniture (Designer's Table) at the heart of the office acts as an anchor for space and helps create a robust circulation flow.


The idea was to give a lively and fresh space to the client, where the traditional workings of an office space can remain at bay and feeling of being a part of something bigger than your self-indulging cabin area can come in play. The design strategically uses the placement of partitions and furniture elements to create different zones and circulation.  The fun induced elements are subtle, from the crisscross lighting fixtures to triangular cabinet openings, but get the message across to the user.


Dualistic themes are at play throughout the office space -

1. Open vs Private

2. Serious vs Playful

3. Rectangular vs Triangular

4. Orange vs Blue

5. Black vs White



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