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Stone House

(Urban Architectural Initiatives)


161 Unit Affordable Housing, New York


Stone House is a new 161-unit building developed by Women In Need (WIN) and located in East New York, Brooklyn. Adjacent to the north is two shelters run by WIN, creating a campus of WIN buildings along Junius Street. The building went through several - height and massing iterations to obtain the required zoning variances to meet BSA approval, resulting in a six-story building with a 7,000sf side yard and commercial space at the ground floor. The building features a glass-fiber reinforced concrete rain-screen system throughout, along with brick and stucco.


The building houses 64 low-income and affordable units and 96 supportive units which vary from studios, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments as well as WIN’s offices and daycare at the cellar. Laundry, community rooms and program offices offering support services for tenants and community residents are also provided along with 24 parking spaces. Much needed housing, soil remediation for the site, green space, a revitalized empty lot, and street trees along the building frontage are among the benefits the building brings to the neighborhood. Stone House is one of the largest supportive housing buildings for families in the state of New York.


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