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Problem -

Istanbul is facing a dire situation where the percentage of green space is 2.2% whereas cities like New York are at 30% The green areas in the city are almost non-existent and due to this many problems have surfaced. The water & soil retention, air pollution, no wildlife enters the city, no resting areas for a pedestrian-friendly city and the inhabitants don't have areas for recreational activities.


Solution -

Looking into the urban fabric of Istanbul, you can quickly start to identify that the city is filled with huge parking lots which are barren open land with no green in them. Therefore, they become the target spaces to transform the city's green problem. 


  • To start this intervention we first picked the parking lot behind Armory Square Fountain, this space is surrounded by historic elements and it is big enough to become the model for other parking lots as well. 

  • After a thorough analysis, space was transformed into a landscape feature with water running through it to activate the Armory water fountain, the market behind it & Kilic Ali Pasa Mosque. 

  • Other Historic elements are connected with green spaces, which are rendered into bridges, terraces and garden spaces, thus activating the Tophane-İ Amire Kultur Ve Sanat Merkezi (historic art gallery space), Sanatkarlar Parkı (Park) and Kilic Ali Paşa Hamam (Spa/Bath House)



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