The Studio works towards creating architectural fantasies and visual stories that can resonate enough to change the dialogue following Art & Architecture in India.

Holding expression on a pedestal we at Dashline build, paint, research and speak through the lens of experiencing landscapes, memories, shadows, and human interactions.


Peculiar-looking spaces are the ones our eyes take a hold of first in any interior condition that we visit or reside in. It could be a diligent space - out of the context of architecture it surrounds, or a lazy space - which either exists to satisfy a code or a compromise that the architect or the client had to go through in the process. These spatial conditions are the ones that break the bounds of architecture on a daily basis. 


As formalists, our interest lies in, the volumes and the play of light and shadow involved. The rapturing forms, the grandeur of the structure, and the programs showcased through the formal elements are the basics of Brutalism that puts us in a state of trance. Everyone at some point in their life loved the dark, small, mismatched spaces in their childhood home, the attic, or the oddly hanging treehouse. These spatial conditions were different, and they made us dream of the endless possibilities inside the space. The awe felt while being in these intimate areas is something we at the studio are after, spaces that are not always comforting and secure but which seduce the inhabitant or the visitor by their idiosyncrasies. 


Creating a space or art our goal is consistent, enriched communal interactions.