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Rapid fire round with Dheeraj Bajaj: Unveiling the insights of Studio Dashline’s founder and principal architect.

  • What is the inspiration behind your design firm’s name?

Studio Dashline stemmed from the idea of – how dashline is used in the field of architecture & interior design. It is used to highlight a hidden element in the drawings which is of great importance to the space but not directly visible. That’s how we want our work and design to be seen as, something of great importance and significance which is not directly seen (in terms of design style, in terms of our involvement in the project or in terms of how we touch the spaces in real-world – delicately)

  • What is that one design book/movie you found inspiring?

The Architecture of Happiness” by Alain de Botton

  • In what ways does your personality reflect in your designs?

My journey as an architect is deeply rooted in childhood nostalgia, where unconventional spaces ignited my imagination and sparked endless creativity. I strive to recreate that sense of wonder and awe-inspiring ambiance within intimate areas, crafting spaces that seduce inhabitants and visitors alike with their idiosyncrasies.
In essence, my designs reflect who I am—bold, imaginative, and..........

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