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Meet the Founders


Dheeraj Bajaj

Founder & Principal Architect

Visiting Faculty: BMS College of Architecture, Bangalore

BArch: Pratt Institute, New York

Dheeraj Bajaj, founder, and principal architect at Studio Dashline, and a distinguished visiting faculty at BMS College of Architecture, Bangalore, is a dynamic force in the realm of architecture and design. A Pratt Institute, New York alumnus, Dheeraj honed his craft in the vibrant architectural landscape of New York for two years before returning to India in 2018. In the same year, he founded Studio Dashline, a venture dedicated to the creation of architectural fantasies and visual narratives that redefine the discourse surrounding art and architecture in India.

With an unwavering commitment to elevating expression, Dheeraj seamlessly integrates building, painting, research, and communication into his practice. His distinctive perspective, informed by experiences of landscapes, memories, shadows, and human interactions, is showcased in his approach to interior conditions. Dheeraj's fascination with peculiar-looking spaces, whether diligent or lazy, challenges architectural norms and liberates spatial boundaries.

As a formalist, Dheeraj's focus on volumes, the play of light and shadow, and the captivating element of Brutalism reflect his artistic trance. His journey is deeply rooted in childhood nostalgia, where unconventional spaces sparked endless imagination. Dheeraj aims to recreate the awe-inspiring ambience within intimate areas, crafting spaces that seduce inhabitants and visitors with their idiosyncrasies.


Shriya Sohi

Co-Founder & Principal Architect

BArch: Sushant School of Art & Architecture, Gurgaon

Shriya, the Co-Founder, and Principal Architect at Studio Dashline, possesses a rich design acumen that seamlessly integrates diverse philosophies. Her approach blends creativity with practicality, crafting spaces that not only inspire but also promote harmony with the environment.

With 8 years of dedicated practice, her journey began as a Project Head & Junior Architect at Chromed Design Studio, collaborating with architect Abhigyan Neogi & team. Here, she contributed significantly to contemporary, innovative, and functional solutions, spanning residential, commercial, and F&B projects.

Prior to Chromed, Shriya led design initiatives at sp+a, including the F&B project CUO CUO in Mumbai. She then assumed the role of Senior Architect and Project Head at FADD (Farah and Dhaval Design Studio), overseeing impactful residential projects in Mumbai and Chennai.

Shriya's career is defined by a commitment to excellence, evident in her collaborative work that blends architectural prowess with innovative interior solutions. With a holistic perspective and a foundation in varied design philosophies, she brings a unique and enriching dimension to Studio Dashline's vision. Shriya's passion for creating transformative spaces resonates throughout her career, making her an invaluable force in the realm of architecture and design.

With an unwavering dedication to transcending conventional design, Shriya seamlessly integrates architecture and interior design, infusing her creations with innovation and creativity. Her passion for bringing visions to life is evident in her approach, where each project is imbued with a unique charm that captivates and inspires. Shriya's commitment to crafting spaces that resonate with both functionality and aesthetic appeal, pushing boundaries and redefining the essence of design.


Pranav Dakoria

Co-Founder & Principal Designer

Bachelor of Interior Designing: SID (School of Interior Designing-AAERT), Surat

Pranav Dakoria, Co-Founder and Principal Designer at Studio Dashline boasts over 13 years of design expertise, collaborating with esteemed architects in Mumbai and Bangalore. His approach to design reflects a harmonious blend of creativity, innovation, and technical mastery, evident across diverse projects encompassing residential, commercial, institutional spaces, and F&B.

Rooted in humble beginnings, Pranav values heartfelt connections, infusing his work with a spirit of kindness and passion. His design philosophy centres around discovering beauty within the juxtaposition of chaos and calm, laughter and silence, dreams, and reality. This introspective journey propels him to craft spaces that resonate deeply, bringing joy to their occupants.

Pranav collaborates with Dheeraj and Shriya, a dynamic duo characterized by their passion for design and unmistakable Punjabi charm. Together, they share a commitment to creativity and excellence, uniting their complementary skills and diverse perspectives. As a formidable team, Pranav, Dheeraj, and Shriya aspire to propel Studio Dashline to new heights, redefining the possibilities within the design realm through a steadfast dedication to collaboration, creativity, and client satisfaction.

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