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New Delhi, India
2500 sqft

RestoBar & Cafe

Blanca, a vibrant and expansive Double Height Floor Café + RestoBar, unfolds its charm in the heart of New Delhi, encapsulating a distinctive blend of classic Victorian design elements and the laid-back bohemian coastal aesthetic. Spanning 2500 sqft, this uniquely designed space is a celebration of free-spirited creativity, exuding an eclectic style with a profound emphasis on organic elements and nature.


The very essence of Blanca is illuminated by its existing beauty, accentuated by a stunning long French window that generously bathes the entire space in natural light, creating an inviting ambience from the very entrance. The ground floor of Blanca orchestrates a meticulously planned symphony of design elements. It gracefully houses the main kitchen, a strategically placed coffee counter, and an elegant L-shaped staircase that guides visitors to the enchanting first floor.


Upon stepping into Blanca, patrons are immediately immersed in a captivating visual experience—the long kitchen wall adorned with breathtaking artwork by House of Berserk. This artwork, a testament to pastel hues and organic, free-spirited patterns, becomes the soulful visual identity of the entire restaurant. The coffee counter, intricately designed and strategically positioned, introduces a delightful play of verticality with different lines of tiles, creating a beautiful contrast with the organic shapes adorning the kitchen wall.


The seating arrangement on the ground floor is a thoughtful curation, ensuring the maximization of passage space. Ledge seating, adorned with step details beneath the cushions, coexists seamlessly with planters, loose four-seaters, and sofa and lounge seating, providing a plethora of choices to cater to the diverse tastes of patrons.


A pastel olive-green metal staircase stands out as a ground-floor highlight, artfully bisecting a partition wall and marking the transition to the first floor. Ascending to the first floor, patrons encounter a sensory feast. The central marble and tile-clad bar counter takes centre stage, adorned with an enchanting mix of patterns and textures. The ceiling divides the expanse into four sections with step-in vaults, each housing Victorian chandeliers, creating an ambience of refined elegance.

The first-floor seating arrangement revolves around the bar, offering an eclectic mix of diverse seating options. Planter ledges around the staircase introduce a touch of greenery, providing a refreshing and natural aesthetic to the elevated floor.


Blanca, with its harmonious marriage of Victorian elegance and coastal bohemian vibes, emerges as a haven of creativity and sensory delight. It extends an invitation to patrons to immerse themselves in a space where classic meets contemporary, and every meticulously crafted detail contributes to an unforgettable dining and socializing experience. Blanca is a journey into a world where the boundaries of design are pushed, and the fusion of contrasting elements creates a unique tapestry of beauty and sophistication.

Photography Credits: Aryan Sharma

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