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Bodha Kendra

Banjar, Himachal Pradesh

2100 sqft

Library & Community Center

Bodha Kendra (center of knowledge), Upliftment, and change of social dynamics is the next topic of discussion for the people of Banjar, Himachal Pradesh. The library functions as an anchor point to all the villages of Banjar.

The primary focus of the design was to be respectful of the context, aware of the climatic conditions, and empathic towards the community. Spatial words, Nesting, Boolean, and Splitting formulate a formal design language that is very similar to the people of Banjar (Kathi-Kuni Architecture). This language helps create open and communal aspects that become the driving factors to invite people from the street - a good way to say welcome to all.

The spatial arrangement utilizes the form to its fullest by incorporating the utilities seamlessly and celebrating the main programs of the library. The pop-up shelves, courtyards, skylights, and overlooking stairs to the library, all create a sense of excitement and involvement. This further boosts the engagement of the community within the space.


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