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Client: De Adron Hotels
Project Size: 25000 sqft
Project Type: Resort, Public, Hospitality
Location: Dharamshala, India
Status: Construction Phase
Photographer: NA

The resort stands as an architectural masterpiece, blending the rustic charm of Mexican haciendas with the serene simplicity of Tibetan monasteries, interwoven with modern elements to reflect heritage and contemporary elegance. The central tower symbolizes cultural diversity, while luxury cottages honour rich traditions. Inside, curated artefacts, textiles, and artwork tell cultural stories, with natural materials and modern furnishings creating a sophisticated and serene ambience. Culinary offerings provide a gastronomic journey through Mexican, Mediterranean, and Himachali cuisines, using locally sourced ingredients. Natural materials like stone, wood, and clay connect the resort to the earth, with modern elements adding artistic flair. Luxury cottages with private decks and Jacuzzis offer immersive experiences with stunning views, celebrating nature as the ultimate luxury. The receiving area, with a water pavilion, serves as a cultural prelude, setting the stage for an immersive experience.

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