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Boutique Resort

Dharamshala. India
15000 sqft

Harmony in Elevation

  • Architectural Essence: The resort stands as an architectural masterpiece, fusing the rustic charm of Mexican haciendas with the serene simplicity of Tibetan monasteries. This architectural tapestry is interwoven with modern elements, creating a harmonious blend that reflects both heritage and contemporary elegance. The central tower symbolizes a beacon of cultural diversity, while the individual luxury cottages pay homage to the rich traditions that inspire them.

  • Interiors as Cultural Narratives: Step inside, and you are greeted by interiors that echo the resort's cultural narrative. Each space tells a story through carefully curated artefacts, textiles, and artwork. Natural materials overlapped with lush greens coalesce with modern furnishings to create an ambience that is sophisticated, serene and culturally rich.

  • Culinary Journey Through Cultures: The resort's culinary offerings are a gastronomic journey through diverse cultures. The open-air cafe serves a fusion of Flavors inspired by Mexican, Mediterranean, and local Himachali cuisines, using locally sourced ingredients. The piano bar/restaurant complements this with a menu of signature cocktails that echo the diversity of the regions, creating a harmonious symphony of tastes.

  • Service with Cultural Grace: The resort's service philosophy is rooted in cultural grace. Attired in a blend of traditional attire inspired by Tibetan, and Himachali clothing, the staff embodies the spirit of hospitality. Every interaction is an opportunity to share the cultural richness that defines this Haven.

  • Materials Reflecting Nature and Luxury: Natural materials like stone, wood, and clay are carefully selected to construct the resort, connecting it to the earth and surrounding greens. Within this mix modern elements - which beautifully contrast this subtle backdrop are used to ooze an artistic flair into the spaces in turn they are also a beautiful interaction point for the visitors and guests.

  • Attire Inspired by Tradition: The attire of the staff is a visual representation of the cultural fusion at the resort. Each uniform is thoughtfully designed, combining elements from Himachali and Tibetian traditional clothing, creating a unique and cohesive visual identity for the resort.

  • Nature as the Ultimate Luxury: Every aspect of the resort is designed to celebrate the breathtaking natural surroundings. The individual luxury cottages with private decks, courtyards and Jacuzzis offer an immersive experience, allowing guests to connect intimately with the surroundings. The sectional views and spaces are strategically designed to ensure that every corner provides a stunning view, making nature the ultimate luxury.

  • Receiving Area: A Cultural Prelude: The separate receiving area is not just an entry point but a cultural prelude. Guests are welcomed through a water pavilion while the main building sets the stage in the backdrop for an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary.

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