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Elevated House

Bangalore, India
8500 sqft

Residential Family House

Imagine a home where architecture seamlessly dances with nature. Our project takes living to the next level - quite literally! We've raised the landscape to cradle a stunning pool and deck that effortlessly melds with the main house, creating a harmonious symphony of outdoor and indoor living. But that's not all - underneath this beautiful fusion, we've crafted a hidden treasure: a spacious underground car park, ensuring your vehicles are safe and your surroundings remain uncluttered.

As you step onto the property, you'll embark on a journey. A grand staircase leads you through a mesmerizing progression, unveiling the true essence of this residence. The house itself is an architectural masterpiece, axially positioned to offer you breathtaking views of the lush park beyond. Nature and design come together in perfect harmony.

Inside, you'll discover a world of modern and minimalistic interiors. Our focus isn't just on the four walls; it's on the world outside. The large, strategically placed windows and open spaces invite the outside in, creating a sense of continuity between the natural beauty of the park and the elegant simplicity of the interiors.

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