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New Delhi, India
3000 sqft

Retail Lighting

Nestled in the heart of New Delhi, 'Emanate' is not just a retail lighting design store; it's a mesmerizing journey through the art of illumination. In a 3,000 sqft space that posed a unique challenge due to its narrow and oddly shaped corridor-like layout, 'Emnate' has transformed the ordinary into an upmarket gallery experience.

The existing angular geometry of the space becomes a canvas for innovation. Rather than being a limitation, it's an opportunity. This unconventional canvas is used to craft partitions and nooks that elegantly showcase the meticulously designed lights. As you navigate this gallery-like space, you embark on a journey of discovery.


Harmony and contrast dance gracefully within 'Emanate.' The walls and floors share a harmonious beige-lime clay hue, creating a serene backdrop. Yet, the accents in olive green, black, and brass details inject vibrancy and sophistication. It's a delicate balance of tranquillity and expression.


What was once a linear space is ingeniously reimagined. 'Emanate' offers a series of display areas that unfold like chapters in a story, inviting you to experience different light series in a deliberate sequence. It's a procession of illumination, a choreographed ritual that allows you to appreciate the lights and their profound influence on the space.

Photo Credits: Avesh Gaur

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