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Ledor World

New Delhi, India
1500 sqft

Cafe & Patisserie

Ledor, the bespoke Cafe & Patisserie nestled in the heart of New Delhi, is not merely a culinary destination; it's an enchanting time-travel experience through the vintage allure of London. Our visionary approach to this interior design project seeks to immerse patrons in the captivating embrace of traditional English tea rooms, where every corner pays homage to the grandeur of bygone eras.


Opulence reigns supreme at Ledor, where the essence of luxury is meticulously curated using rich wood, sumptuous marbles, intricate handmade tiles, and captivating mosaic details. This design narrative unfolds as a seamless journey through time, skilfully blending the opulence of the past with the contemporary comforts of the present.


In the transformation of an oddly shaped space, Ledor demonstrates an innovative approach. The unique angles of the space are not obstacles but opportunities. Shapes extracted from these angles define the coffee counter, mosaic flooring, and the centre table ledge seating. This thoughtfully crafted furniture piece serves a dual purpose, acting as a comfortable ledge seating at the back and transforming into a high counter seating at the front, introducing a sectional play to the interiors, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to the space.


The ambiance at Ledor is a harmonious fusion of luxury and nostalgia. Patrons are not mere observers; they are invited to partake in the art of patisserie. Within this exquisite environment, the irresistible aroma of freshly baked treats seamlessly mingles with the elegance of a bygone era. Ledor is not just a cafe; it's a meticulously designed haven where every element contributes to a multisensory experience, creating a timeless sanctuary for indulgence and appreciation of the past.

Photo Credits: Avesh Gaur

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