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Levels House

Bangalore, India
7500 sqft

Residential Multi-Level House

Tucked away amidst the bustling streets of Karnal, 'The Origin' Café is a haven for coffee enthusiasts seeking artisanal excellence. This compact yet inviting space is a testament to the delicate interplay of interior design and the spirit of Scandinavian charm.

The layout of 'The Origin' is cleverly orchestrated, with a long linear space that guides you toward the coffee counter, placed strategically at the center. Here, coffee becomes an art form, and every sip is an experience. The interior design exudes a gentle contemporary and Scandinavian flair that embraces the space with grace. Warm wood tones infuse a sense of coziness, while wicker furniture adds rustic charm, inviting patrons to linger and savour their brew.

A touch of earthy elegance graces the back wall of the coffee counter, where terracotta tiles create a striking focal point. Beneath your feet, the concrete tiles offer both durability and an industrial edge, a nod to the café's modern character.

To bring crispness and sophistication to the ambiance, fluted panels adorn the walls, enhancing the overall sense of elegance. 

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