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Loop House

Gurgaon, India
10,000 sqft

Residential, Family House

In the heart of Gurgaon's architectural landscape, 'Loop House' stands as a 10,000 sqft masterpiece, perfectly tailored to its odd-shaped plot. This family residence redefines contemporary design, demonstrating the art of maximizing space and capturing the essence of indoor-outdoor living.

At 'Loop House,' two L-shaped volumes, one gracefully perched on the ground floor and the other elegantly suspended on the first floor, come together in a mesmerizing architectural dance. Their union not only optimizes the use of space but also forms the heart of the house—a central courtyard where family life unfolds in harmony with nature. The design isn't just aesthetically stunning; it's also highly functional. Cantilevered volumes and carefully angled floor slabs are strategically incorporated into the building's form, offering desired views and essential shade during the intense Indian summers and rains. It's a testament to thoughtful architecture, where every line serves a purpose.

The exterior of 'Loop House' boasts exposed cement finishes, a bold statement of modernity. Inside, a star emerges in the form of local black stone—kadapa stone—that graces the floors, grounding the space in the earth's natural elegance. The furniture, modern and luxurious, introduces pops of color that invigorate the senses and elevate the living experience.

But what truly sets 'Loop House' apart are the multiple double-height spaces. These spaces create a profound sense of connection—views stretching to infinity, the sound of the outdoors seamlessly mingling with the indoors, and an abundance of natural light that breathes life into every corner.

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