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Jalandhar, India
12000 sqft

RestoBar & Speakeasy

'Notorious' is a dazzling architectural and interior design masterpiece that graces the vibrant city of Jalandhar. This 12,000 sqft Rooftop RestoBar and speakeasy is a testament to the fusion of botanical aesthetics, pastel elegance, and timeless craftsmanship.

As you ascend to the open rooftop, you'll find yourself in a world inspired by botanical greenhouses and luxurious cabanas. The space breathes with life, adorned in pastel hues that create an air of sophistication. Highlighters accentuate long seating benches, while intricate grove details on granite tables add texture and depth, providing the perfect backdrop for solid rustic pastel cutlery.

The heart of 'Notorious' lies in its three distinct cabanas, cocooned by lush landscapes, vertical gardens, and water bodies that form graceful strips. A small private dining area and an outdoor bar, adorned with vaulted arches and brass shelving details, break the spatial flow of the cabanas. A brass skylight crowns the bar, casting a gentle glow over the atmosphere. A central courtyard, cocooned by planters, features built-in seating, creating a serene retreat. Walkways with jute fabric shading above connect these spaces, ensuring a seamless flow.

Metal members give life to architectural elements, while the hut-shaped cabanas boast glass cutouts, inviting natural light to dance within. The result is a serene, botanical paradise, where every corner is a visual masterpiece.

On the opposite bank lies the speakeasy, discreetly concealed behind a crafty artwork-framed door. Inside, it's a captivating shift in ambience where the dark allure of yesteryear mingles with contemporary sophistication. Dark and mysterious, it exudes an air of refinement. Brass finishes adorn the main bar niches, pencil tiles blend with handmade tiles on the walls, and a stunning library beckons. Marble inlay flooring and intricate details grace every corner, while vaulted ceilings with linear tube lights create a sense of grandeur. Tan leather sofas and green upholstery patterned chairs offer a plush seating experience, complemented by retro-styled bar stools.

'Notorious' isn't just a Rooftop RestoBar and speakeasy; it's a journey through time and design. It's a place where hidden treasures await, where every corner tells a story, and where the fusion of classic and contemporary design creates a timeless allure. Step into 'Notorious' and experience a world where imagination takes centre stage."

Photo Credits: Yash R Jain
Landscape Design: PSA 

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