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Stomp House

Madurai, India
15000 sqft

Residential, Family House

A Masterpiece of Harmonious Contrasts

In the heart of Madurai, atop a gently sloping terrain, 'Stomp House' emerges as a 15,000 sqft family residence like no other. This architectural marvel showcases the seamless integration of rustic charm and contemporary design, creating a unique living experience.


The design of is a captivating dance of monolithic volumes. Two angular structures converge, creating a breathtaking rift in the center. This double-height space serves as the heart of the house, illuminated by a mesmerizing skylight directly above the dining table. It's a space where light and shadow intertwine, and where the family gathers to share moments of joy.


As you step into 'Stomp House,' you'll feel a sense of wonder as the house nestles gracefully into the sloped land. The courtyard, an excavated marvel, lies flush with the house level, offering an enchanting sensation of being in an ancient, unearthed ruin. Bridges crisscross above, offering elevated vantage points that create private retreats for the family, each with its own unique perspective on the shifting architectural form.

The use of rustic and locally sourced materials such as mandana stone, kadapa stone, and sandstones adds an authentic touch to the exterior, while the house's plaster finish provides a sleek contrast. But the real magic lies in the pops of vibrant color that punctuate the interiors. From furniture to artwork, the home comes alive with unexpected bursts of hues. Luxurious fabric patterns adorn the upholstery, creating a stunning interplay of textures.


'Stomp House' is more than a family house; it's a living masterpiece that invites you to explore the intriguing interplay of tradition and modernity. It's where rustic materials meet contemporary design, where shadows tell stories, and where color and contrast dance in harmony.

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