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Terra Casa

Gwalior, India
3000 sqft

Residential, Outhouse

Terra Casa is a testament to the harmonious fusion of architecture and nature, nestled within a sprawling 10,000 sqft lush green plot in the heart of Gwalior. Far more than a mere outhouse, Terra Casa represents a retreat for families who treasure outdoor living and quality time with their loved ones. Conceived with a clear vision, our project aimed to craft a sanctuary where relaxation, rejuvenation, and recreation converge amidst the embrace of nature.

The essence of Terra Casa lies in its commitment to minimalism, allowing the natural splendour of the surroundings to take precedence. Earthy undertones pervade the design, with locally sourced materials like sandstone and limestone seamlessly integrated into the architecture. The walls, adorned with the gentle texture of lime clay, pay homage to the very earth from which this retreat emerges. Wooden windows and wicker furniture imbue the space with warmth, rustic charm, and a timeless connection to the land, inviting guests to unwind in comfort and style. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean, Terra Casa channels the region's effortless elegance. Yet, we've infused this aesthetic with a twist of contemporary flair, incorporating striking lighting fixtures and quirky wall murals that inject character and playfulness into the space.

Terra Casa is more than just a physical structure; it's an oasis of tranquillity where families gather to create enduring memories. Here, the outdoors beckon, inviting exploration and adventure, while the soul finds solace amidst the serene surroundings. Every element of Terra Casa is meticulously crafted to foster an atmosphere of relaxation and togetherness, offering a refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Terra Casa pays homage to its origins while seamlessly blending with the local environment. The use of bamboo, teak wood, and other indigenous materials not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also underscores our commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious design.

In summary, Terra Casa stands as a beacon of harmony between architecture and nature, inviting families to immerse themselves in a world of beauty, serenity, and connection. It's a place where the simple joys of outdoor living are celebrated, and where cherished memories are made to last a lifetime.

Photo Credits: Yash R Jain

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