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RestoBar & Speakeasy, Jalandhar

'Notorious' is a dazzling architectural and interior design masterpiece that graces the vibrant city of Jalandhar. This 12,000 sqft Rooftop RestoBar and speakeasy is a testament to the fusion of botanical aesthetics, pastel elegance, and timeless craftsmanship.

As you ascend to the open rooftop, you'll find yourself in a world inspired by botanical greenhouses and luxurious cabanas. The space breathes with life, adorned in pastel hues that create an air of sophistication. Highlighters accentuate long seating benches, while intricate grove details on granite tables add texture and depth, providing the perfect backdrop for solid rustic pastel cutlery.

The heart of 'Notorious' lies in its three distinct cabanas, cocooned by lush landscapes, vertical gardens, and water bodies that form graceful strips. A small private dining area and an outdoor bar, adorned with vaulted arches and brass shelving details, break the spatial flow of the cabanas. A brass skylight crowns the bar, casting a gentle glow over the atmosphere. A central courtyard, cocooned by planters, features built-in seating, creating a serene retreat. Walkways with jute fabric shading above connect these spaces, ensuring a seamless flow.

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Residential, Outhouse, Gwalior

Terra Casa is a testament to the harmonious fusion of architecture and nature, nestled within a sprawling 10,000 sqft lush green plot in the heart of Gwalior. Far more than a mere outhouse, Terra Casa represents a retreat for families who treasure outdoor living and quality time with their loved ones. Conceived with a clear vision, our project aimed to craft a sanctuary where relaxation, rejuvenation, and recreation converge amidst the embrace of nature.

The essence of Terra Casa lies in its commitment to minimalism, allowing the natural splendour of the surroundings to take precedence. Earthy undertones pervade the design, with locally sourced materials like sandstone and limestone seamlessly integrated into the architecture. The walls, adorned with the gentle texture of lime clay, pay homage to the very earth from which this retreat emerges. Wooden windows and wicker furniture imbue the space with warmth, rustic charm, and a timeless connection to the land, inviting guests to unwind in comfort and style. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean, Terra Casa channels the region's effortless elegance. Yet, we've infused this aesthetic with a twist of contemporary flair, incorporating striking lighting fixtures and quirky wall murals that inject character and playfulness into the space.


South Indian Restaurant, Bangalore

The "Chettinad Courtyard House" is the central concept that encapsulates the essence of ‘VEDAM’ a premium Quick Service South Indian restaurant located in Bangalore.

This theme draws inspiration from the traditional Chettinad courtyard houses and translates their architectural and cultural elements into a captivating dining experience. The goal was to create a space that not only offers a quick and convenient dining service but also transports patrons into the rich heritage of Chettinad.

vedam, south indian, restaurant, hospitality, interior design, architecture, bangalore, studio dashline
residential, renovation, courtyard design, study design, interior design, architecture, bangalore, studio dashline

Residential Renovation, Bangalore

Fluid Rhapsody is an augmentation of a residential abode in the heart of cultural Bangalore. This project explores the kinetics and subtlety of architecture and at the same time also attempts to treat spatial context as poetry. Textures & patterns become the rhythm of the space while geometrical accents & metal details become the cutting words to draw the user's attention in an attempt to make the space more cohesive. Curves, profound arches, tan colors, metal accents, and decadent details make refuge in the study. Working becomes unsullied when surrounded by this palette that is quick to catch the eye and yet adds a touch of ease to the space

The brief from the client demanded a highly functional study space with an option to sink into ease during long working periods and an open hangout/meeting space attached to it. The client loves bold and immaculate objects and wanted the space to speak her language whilst the tree in the center of this space spoke a softer and more subtle language. Therefore, during the early stages of design, the softness of curves and the boldness of art deco felt right to mix. The study space was directed to almost feel like the center of the stage and the courtyard space as a play area looking outward from it.

Portuguese Villa, Goa

Step into the magical world of a Portuguese-styled villa nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Goa. This captivating renovation project seamlessly blends the timeless charm of Portuguese elements with contemporary design, creating a space that is a feast for the senses. With bright colors, rustic artifacts, modern artworks, and quirky furniture, every detail has been thoughtfully curated to evoke moments of awe and appreciation. The intention behind the renovation was to intertwine the best of the past with the innovations of the present, resulting in a harmonious fusion that leaves users enchanted, pausing to savor and celebrate the beauty that surrounds them.

The villa's interiors pay homage to the elegant legacy of Portuguese architecture while modern elements gracefully coexist to create a harmonious coexistence. The result is a symphony of design that honors tradition while embracing progress. 

family villa, portuguese, goa, contemporary design, residential, interior design, architecture, studio dashline

Residential Family House, Gurgaon

Loop House is a striking private residence located in the bustling city of Gurgaon, India. The architectural and interior design of Loop House revolves around a creative concept that optimizes space utilization in an irregularly shaped plot, while also providing shelter from the intense summer heat and monsoon rains. This innovative design features two L-shaped volumes, one on the ground floor and the other on the first floor, seamlessly merging to form a central courtyard at the intersection.

Loop House is where architectural innovation and thoughtful interior design come together to create a harmonious living space. Its distinctive L-shaped volumes, central courtyard, cantilevered elements, and optimized views demonstrate a fusion of creativity and functionality, offering a haven of comfort and style amidst the challenges of the Indian climate. This residence stands as a testament to the seamless integration of modern design principles with the cultural and climatic context of its location.

Cafe & Patisserie

Our vision for this Cafe & Patisserie project is to create a captivating and luxurious ambience that transports patrons to the vintage charm of London, all while savouring exquisite handcrafted chocolates and pastries.

Think cosy nooks reminiscent of traditional English tea rooms, combined with opulent materials like rich woods, sumptuous marbles, intricate handmade tiles, and captivating mosaic details. The design narrative will unfold as a journey through time, celebrating the grandeur of yesteryears while embracing the comforts of the present.

Founder & Principal Architect

Dheeraj Bajaj

Co-Founder & Principal Architect

Shriya Sohi

Co-Founder & Principal Designer

Pranav Dakoria

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