We enjoy the challenges of creating a bold, modern design within existing constructs. With multiple successful projects under our belt and acclaim from the Times, the creative design studio can handle everything from your space’s architecture and interior to the furniture and artwork. Based out of Bangalore, Studio Dashline brings a chic, elegant twist to residential spaces and an apt yet refreshing new look to civic spaces. While the gamut of our capacity to design may be broad, the core principles remain grounded - exceptional and sensible design, honest use of resources, and creating a meaningful experience. With a focus on Residential, Cultural, and Civic projects, addressing the need for creating well-integrated and sensitive projects to their context and to the environments it inhabits, is the key to our practice. 


White Chair in an Empty Room


Studio Dashline takes pride in our capacity to bring a fresh new spin to all kinds of spaces. The team takes the time to immerse themselves in both the social and physical contexts of your space, ensuring that the design solution we offer is authentically native and apt. Furthermore, we believe in serving the clients' needs before bringing our ideas to the table. The collaborative effort always brings a new light to the space and the people in it. 

Experienced at consulting and designing projects at a wide range of scales, Studio Dashline is your best choice when it comes to architecture & interior design pan India. Studio Dashline elevates your space from ordinary to extraordinary.